In Singapore, passing your Basic Theory Test (BTT) and Final Theory Test (FTT) are the pre-requisites of getting a driving license. For the uninitiated, the BTT and FTT consists of 50 computer generated, multiple choice questions. To pass, you need to get a minimum of 45 out of 50 questions correct.

Here are some tips to help you pass your theory tests!

1. Be sure to read and study the BTT and FTT booklet before you take the test. They can be easily found lining the shelves of most bookstores

2. Do practice questions online. There are plenty of sources out there.

3. Take your time to think during the test! You have 50 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions, so there is plenty of time.

4. While getting 45/50 may sound daunting, it really is not. Rather than thinking about your final score, focus on each question individually.

5. A majority of the questions are common sense. However, there are certain questions which are quite tricky. If you are stuck, always take a moment to think: what is the safest option?

Always aim to pass your theory tests on the first attempt. The waiting time for theory tests is very long (2-3 months) and thus, passing on the first time will save you money and more importantly, time. 

Good luck!