“A safe driver is a good driver.” Learning to drive safely is a skill that is acquired with time and experience.


Here are some tips for both learners and experienced drivers on safe driving!

1. Before driving, make sure that your break lights and headlights are in proper working condition.

2. Always fasten your seatbelts.

3. Do not tailgate! Follow the 2 second rule.

4. Signal early.

5. Do not drive under emotional stress (anger, grief, etc.)

6. Always check your blind spots whenever you are making a turn or changing lanes.

7. While changing lanes, signal your intentions early and make filter confidently.

8. Be aware of other road users (pedestrians and other vehicles)

9. Be very careful when driving in bad weather conditions.

10. NEVER drink and drive. In Singapore, this is a very serious offence which will get your license revoked, a heavy fine and even land you in jail!


In addition, for drivers who just obtained their driving license, it might be a good idea to let an experienced driver sit beside you to serve as a guide and an additional pair of eyes to help you look out for danger. Many road accidents occur due to the negligence and inexperience of new drivers.

Stay safe on the road!